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  • How to segregate plastics correctly
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There’s more you need to know about plastic recycling, done right

We collect and reprocess recyclable plastic scrap, offcuts and skeletal waste at our UK facility, before supplying it to manufacturers around the world.

This means we keep tight control of quality at every stage of production, while helping you to secure the quality of your scrap plastic. This secures rebates and creates sustainable recycling solutions, creating quality feedstock for supply chains.

Our processes include regular material inspection at suppliers’ premises, advice on segregating, handling and storing material and consistently quality-testing reprocessed material.

Our knowledge of the plastic recycling industry, our global expertise and great people, puts us in the perfect position to offer our recycling knowledge directly to manufacturers like you.


In-house granulation: Should you do it?

When your business operations require quality feedstock, granulating in-house can be an attractive prospect. However, you may not have factored in all of the costs such as labour, floor space and utilities, to touch on a few.

Watch our video to learn the true cost of granulating in house:


Regrinds – are they high quality?

To create sustainable supply chains that integrate recycled plastic, reprocessed material needs to be of the highest quality. This ensures that the quality and value of the end product isn’t compromised.

Once plastic has been reprocessed, there is a simple sink/float test that can be carried out by anyone, to determine the quality of plastic regrinds.

This video reveals how to carry out the test, and what the results mean:


Plastic scrap from the thermoforming industry – can it become part of a circular economy?

Yes! Find out how with Simon van Leuven, Managing Director of Vanden in Australia:


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Click below to learn more about how we can support thermo and vacuum formers, along with plastic manufacturers dealing with extrusion and moulding processes:

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