High-quality recovered polymers

Are you a plastic sheet manufacturer, thermoformer, or card producer looking to close the loop on your supply chain by reprocessing your plastic offcuts?

We can support you in reprocessing your ABS, HDPE, PET, PP, PS & PVC offcuts.

Discover the Vanden skeletal waste scheme, get in touch with us today:



Stop regrinding in-house

This can be a slow, labour-intensive process that can take resources away from your core business. Let Vanden deal with your off cuts in a responsible and ethical manner that supports your supply chain. 

Is grinding and flaking post-industrial plastic waste your core business; if you’ve answered no, why are you doing it?


Full transparency

Vanden’s skeletal waste scheme aims to assist sheet and product manufacturers locate new, reliable sources of high-quality recovered polymers from within their supply chain.

With the Vanden skeletal waste scheme, you can:

  • Meet demand for more recycled content in your products – whether that is sheet plastic, cards, or labels;
  • Stay in control and stop relying on nationally or internationally sourced PP or PET, where quality can’t be guaranteed, and prices fluctuate;
  • Know where your plastic scrap ends up, helping to meet quality control and compliance requirements.
  • Keep floor space and resources focused on core business with our collection & storage solutions.


How does it work?

Once your plastic offcuts are reprocessed, the material can be returned to the original sheet manufacturer, enabling firms to both meet demand from brands and retailers for increased transparency within the supply chain, and secure a cost-effective circular solution.

To hear more about this skeletal waste scheme, and our secure on-site processes, leave your details below.